Message Ideas


Because Flowers are too Mainstream. Happy Birthday :)

We collected money to buy you a gift xo

Sorry, I forgot your b'day gift! Here is a potato..

You rich bitch, heres a gift coz you got it all <3

I didn't know what to get you, so I got you this!

Let's get mashed on your b'day baby!

Happy Birthday Sexy lady!

Sending Smiles for every moment of your special day! Stay Safe

You are adopted, and mom loves me more! Happy b'day Sis (Evill augh)

Birthday my darling! Love you loads… #BFF

Happy birthday dummy! :-P Because flowers are too mainstream. 

I sold my heart to buy you this Potato 


I love you Potato much!

I love you more than I love Potatoes

Mash me and give thanks 

You are the sweetest potato and the biscuit to my chai! Love you

You are one hot potato ;)

You satisfy me in ways that usually require batteries ;)

Wanted to ask you in a my own special way! Want to be my date?

 I am sure this is going to bring a smile to your potato face!’

If only you knew, how MASH you mean to me

I love the potato in you!

 I love you, more than I love fries ;)

You are my Naughty Potato 

 Happy Anniversary my love! Let's mash up tonight <3


Oh Yeah! In your face… that looks like a potato

Remember That Time We Got Baked Like A Potato?

I miss you more than I miss potatoes!

Sorry! Sent you the wrong parcel… oh wait, you got what you deserve!

Hope you like this cheeky gift !

Sorry, I broke your heart! And I am gonna fix it one potato at a time

What are you looking a? Yes, it's a potato

Smile cutie, I hope you like this hot potato!

Oh yeah! I spent a lot on this potato.. You better like it!

Hello, it's me… your potato

Here is your favourite food from your favourite friend 

Here is a potato, looks just like you!